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 Bert Faircloth Roofing Inc is a family owned and operated established roofing company in Volusia County with over 60 years experience in all new roofing, reroofing, repairs, leaks and more. Contact us today to find out how easy it is to get your home protected!!  

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Residential Roofing

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        We offer residential roofing for houses, mobile homes, condos, duplexes and more. We offer FREE estimates for all roofing types including shingle roofing, metal and tile roofing. Our skilled roofing specialists are extremely efficient and will ensure your new roof will be installed quickly and correctly without any problems. 

         There are a lot of companies out there offering great roofing deals -- Make sure you pick the right one!! Faircloth Roofing is a family owned and operated local business with over 55 years’ experience in the Volusia County area.  If you are looking for a roofing contractor in Ormond Beach, Port Orange, Daytona or anywhere in between, give us a call and let us see how we can help you get the new roof you need!

Commerical Roofing

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      We offer competitive prices, great customer service and high quality products to ensure every commercial roofing project we complete will leave a long lasting impression on the overall design and beauty of the building.

          ​We can handle any type of commercial roofing including industrial complexes, retail shops, apartment and townhomes, new construction, restaurants and more. Schedule your FREE estimate today with the best roofing company in Volusia County to find out more.  

Maintenance & Repair

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        A simple roof leak can become an expensive nightmare if the leak isn’t detected and repaired quickly.  A quality roof is highly important when it comes to keeping the interior of your home dry and protected.

         Excessive water damage can compromise the structure of your home and without extensive repair and restoration could inevitably destroy your home.

          If you think you have a leak in your roof, give us a call and we can come out there to inspect and repair.

Storm Damage // Insurance Claims


         We offer Storm Damage estimates as well as assistance when dealing with your  Home Owners Insurance Company. Hail Damage, Wind Damage, Hurricanes, Trees, etc. Most of these repairs could be covered under your home Owners insurance Policy and can even result in zero to no cash out of pocket for your new roof.  If you feel that your roof was damaged due to a previous storm - Give us a call and see how we can help to get you a new roof for your home!


Insurance Cancellations


      Insurance companies are now requiring many homeowners to upgrade their current roofing systems if it is over a certain age. This is affecting homeowners across Volusia and Flagler Counties. Your home owners insurance company is not going to assist in covering an aged roof, and can tell you that you need to upgrade your roofing materials in order to continue coverage with their company. If you are facing insurance cancellation due to the age or condition of your roof, give us a call and we can possibly get your roof installed on an expedited contract.

Financing Available


      Owning a home is expensive and some repair/replacement items are difficult for some homeowners to afford out of pocket. Financing options are available to those who qualify including bank loans, secondary loans and home equity loans.